Work For Us

At International Timber we’re well aware that it’s people who’ll ensure our future success and development. That’s why we select our staff for their knowledge, experience and expertise. In all, we pride ourselves on employing the right people for the job. So, you can look forward to the opportunity to build a strong and lasting career within International Timber and beyond.

When it comes to developing a career, we’re with you every step of the way and we’ll actively encourage you to move up the career ladder.

Training and Development begins the moment you walk through the door. Whatever level you start at, you’ll be placed on an induction programme that introduces you to our business, our products and our processes.To ensure that you have the core skills to work within our business, we’ll make sure your product and IT knowledge are developed through a mix of structured and on-the-job training methods.

For those who have the potential to progress, we offer a development programme that covers people management and business processes, finance and logistics giving you all the skills to equip you to manage effectively.

Should your career progress even further, we also provide senior management development programmes and executive development programmes. And, if you’re fluent in a second European Language, your career horizons could stretch right across the global Saint-Gobain group.

To work for us please visit where you’ll find plenty of job opportunities in International Timber  and our Saint-Gobain Building Distribution sister companies. We provide excellent training and career progression opportunities. Working for International Timber gives you access to the Saint-Gobain Building Distribution TimberTrading Academy.

Gender Pay Gap Information

We are very pleased to share details of our gender pay gap. At Saint-Gobain, we want everyone who works with us to thrive both personally and professionally and to have every opportunity to develop a fulfilling career in an open and engaging culture. I welcome the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting as an opportunity for Saint-Gobain to share the positive work. (Mike Chaldecott, General Delegate of Saint-Gobain in the UK & Ireland).

Click here here to view the Gender Pay Gap 2018 Report.