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  • Top Tips on Caring for your Christmas Tree

    Published Tuesday 22nd December, 2015

    You just can’t beat having a real cut pine, spruce or fir Christmas tree over the winter season....

  • #GrownInBritainWeek: Top Species Native to Britain

    Published Tuesday 13th October, 2015

    Grown in Britain Week (12th – 18th October) is a national celebration of our woods and the societal...

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  • How trees eat: An Introductory Guide to Photosynthesis

    Published Thursday 19th February, 2015

    Trees, among other plant life, are responsible for making the planet habitable to oxygen-breathers like us. But how...

  • Strangest trees from around the world

    Published Thursday 29th January, 2015

    In this country, trees are seen as something to attach a swing to, use for shade or build...

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  • How do trees work?

    Published Thursday 15th January, 2015

    Trees are an evolutionary success story and have shaped the planet into the hospitable home we know and...