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  • How winter 2017 will affect your internal timber fixtures

    Published Thursday 30th November, 2017

    In the winter it’s quite easy to protect yourself against the cold. You put an extra jacket on,...

  • How to protect your external wood for the winter

    Published Wednesday 11th January, 2017

    When the weather is windy, wet and gloomy, it’s time to think about protecting your external wood to...

  • How to stop wood from warping

    Published Monday 5th December, 2016

    Wood is historically known to be built to last. Unfortunately, many wood installations succumb to splitting and warping...

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  • Home maintenance during the summer

    Published Thursday 14th July, 2016

    Home maintenance is often over looked when it comes to summer. Who wants to be indoors up-keeping their...

  • Selecting the Right Species for Timber Cladding

    Published Sunday 20th September, 2015

    Timber cladding is becoming increasingly popular for replacing brick or rendered finishes as a warm, practical and sustainable...