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  • Hardwood timber in home-building

    Published Wednesday 13th March, 2019

    From houses to skyscrapers, ceilings to floors, timber has been used as a building material for centuries to...

  • A report on the government backing timber and construction sectors

    Published Friday 15th June, 2018

    In a recent conference at the Confederation of Timber Industries parliamentary reception, Under Secretary of State for the...

  • The 3 timber high rises to look out for in 2018

    Published Friday 12th January, 2018

    We can all agree that 2017 was the year of timber high-rises – throughout the year we’ve seen...

  • Are timber high rises the best way to fight climate change?

    Published Thursday 9th November, 2017

    Last month, London architecture firm Waugh Thistleton said sustainable timber could help London address its housing shortage whilst...

  • 5 alternative ideas for garden sheds

    Published Tuesday 6th September, 2016

    Still revelling from George Clark’s Amazing Spaces, Shed of the Year? We were blown away by some of...

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  • How to get started on your timber self-build

    Published Tuesday 2nd August, 2016

    Timber frame construction is favoured for self-build projects due to its durability, speed of erection, excellent thermal efficiency,...

  • How timber lends itself to eco-builds

    Published Tuesday 5th July, 2016

    With environmental concerns becoming increasingly important within the industry and the introduction to new government standards, timber has...

  • What 2016 holds for the construction industry

    Published Tuesday 21st June, 2016

    In this guide, we’ll take a look at what 2016 holds for the UK construction sector and explore...

  • What makes a #ShedOfTheYear?

    Published Tuesday 17th May, 2016

    Entries for Shed of the Year 2016 are now open – so what exactly makes a ‘Shed of the Year’?...

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  • How big is the UK boat-building industry?

    Published Thursday 25th February, 2016

    Boat-building is one of the oldest branches of engineering but while once mighty, the UK boat-building industry has been...

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  • How timber samples can reveal the age of a building

    Published Wednesday 17th February, 2016

    Castles and private homes across Powys, Mid Wales, are being investigated as part of a study to determine their age....

  • The Tallest Timber Framed Towers in the World

    Published Tuesday 9th February, 2016

    Wood is rising to new heights, in the 21st century, replacing steel and concrete as the architectural material. ...