Environmental Policy

We have developed an environmental policy which aims to improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution and increase the positive impact of our activities. To make this a reality we have committed to the following:

• To implement and operate a formal environmental management system

• To set up and monitor environmental objectives and targets in order to reduce environmental impact

• To integrate environmental considerations into business decision making at all levels

• To develop procurement policies and address environmental issues relating to our suppliers and the products we distribute

• To consult with customers, policies and employees on environmental issues

• To review the environmental policy on a regular basis

• To build awareness and provide training for every employee on environmental policy issues

• To assign responsibility throughout International Timber

• Further details of our environmental policies are available on request

Additional to our own internal policy, we also operate within the parameters of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s environmental policy. This policy aims to continually improve the environmental performance of all businesses within the division by working hard to meet and, where possible, exceed environmental legislation.