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Fire Retardant Treatments

Protecting against the threat of fire is one of the most important factors when complying with building regulations on new builds.

We work together with Lonza Wood Protection supplying cusomers with a choice of proven fire retardant impregnation treatments for a wide range of construction projects – DRICON and ATP Generic for timbers and sheet material used internally or in weather protected external applications and NON-COM Exterior for exterior timbers or severe damp situations.

International Timber can help you specify the correct and most reliable fire protection. Industrially applied fire retardant treatments provide end users with the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a fire, the treated timber will be able to withstand fire for a longer period of time.

These treatments are designed to meet either Euroclass B or Euroclass C requirements of BS EN 13501-1 (Fire Classification of Construction Products and Building Elements). Full independent classification reports are available for a wide range of timbers and plywood species and full advice and guidance in terms of treatments and fire performance for your particular project is available on request.

Treatments are carried out at Lonza’s own treatment centre which has ISO9001 accreditation giving you full assurance in terms of quality of application. DRICON is a humidity resistant type treatment, designed for permanent situations and is the only BBA certified fire treatment for timber. NON-COM Exterior is a leach resistant type treatment, designed for permanent situations and is the only NHBC accepted fire treatment for exterior cladding timbers.

ATP Generic is a dry interior type treatment, designed for temporary situations.

Products from other manufacturers are available upon request.

Click here to see further information on Lonza Fire Treatments for Timber. You can also download the ATP flyer by clicking here, and the Dricon flyer by clicking here.


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