Coatings & Finishes

Being approved factory coaters for all leading paint manufacturers, we provide a choice of coating options to enhance the beauty and prolong the appearance of your timber cladding. Produced at our dedicated coatings facility in Chorley, we guarantee a consistent paint finish of the highest quality. Our Chorley branch is audited by the paint manufacturers annually; all international Timber sites comply with ISO 9001:2008.

Mighton ULTRA

International Timber can offer in-house high performance waterborne paint coatings for the cladding and joinery industry.

These products have been developed using special binders which keeps the water absorption of the wood to a minimum, giving very good weather resistance and durability.


Wood stain colours have a high UV resistance and are highly translucent in appearance and retain their colour for many years. These waterborne coatings have already been proving themselves on the market for over 20 years in Europe & South America. Woodstain is available in a range of 7 colours.


Colour Trend

As the name suggests we can offer a range of coloured coatings.  These too have a high UV resitance and retain their colours for many years.  Colour Trend offers a matt finish, allowing the natural beauty of the timber to be enjoyed.  Coloure Trend is available in a range of 7 colours.


All our coatings for cladding and joinery are certified by the Dutch institution for wood (SKH) which is seen as the highest standard within Europe.

Features and Benefits

• One pot system that penetrates deep into the timber in the first coat

• Low film build with high solids – Will not crack, flake or peel like other high build wood stains and paints.

• High levels of UV protection against harmful sun light.

• Microporous – allowing the timber to Breathe.

• Excellent durability.

• Highly translucence appearance which enhances the contours and grain of the timber.

• Easily maintained with the same system which will keep its original colour.

• Very low water absorption – which is ideal within the UK’s climate of high humidity.

• Eco-friendly

• Waterborne

• Application – Vacuum Coater, spray or brush


SiOO:X Wood Protection: For a uniform weathered appearance

International Timber can offer SiOO:X which is a form of patented wood surface modification which gives the timber a consistently weathered appearance at an accelerated rate. Sioo:X is applied in two parts (Wood Protector & Surface Protector) and is suitable for use on the majority of our cladding and decking species.

How does SiOO:X Work?

Once applied, the Sioo:X penetrates deep into the fibres of the cell walls where it forms a network of silica crystals, creating a barrier which is bonded to the surface. A further application of Sioo:X (Surface Protector) is then applied. The Surface Protector also contains silicone in the form of an environmentally friendly water-based silane which essentially seals the surface of the timber following the crystallisation. The moisture in the atmosphere combined with usual weathering factors such as sun, wind and rain will start to turn the timber a beautifully even silver/greyish tone within 10-16 weeks. The end result is a façade/deck with a consistently weathered, light grey driftwood appearance giving long life protection in a completely environmentally friendly way.

Sioo:x penetrates the wood and gives a light surface that is pleasant to touch. Apart from the surface being beautiful, it also is a barrier to algae, mould and rot from gaining a hold in the wood. The surface is very easy to wipe down making maintenance simpler. The Sioo:x treatment reinforces and strengthens the wood surface and is very easy to apply. It is applied once as against the necessity of annual treatments with oils.

As well as new facades, SiOOx can also be applied to existing.  Typically this is used on smaller domestic projects or existing facades which have not weathered as evenly or as quickly as anticipated.  Click here for Application Guidelines.

To download a copy of SiOO:X Brochure click here, or for the info sheet download click here.


Omnia® from Morrells

Working in partnership with Morrells, International Timber can now offer a ultra-clear high performance coating system for exterior joinery. A clear waterborne timber treatment with specific additives which protect the structure of the wood and actively control discolouration. Omnia preserve is formulated to provide surface protection against rot and fungal attack meeting bS335 Hazard Classes 2,3 & 4.Application of 1 wet coat by spray, dip or flow-coat is sufficient for optimum protection. Touch dry after 1 hour and over coatable after 4 hours. Omnia preserve is a completely clear liquid and is also available in 9 standard wood stain colours.

Sikkens Coatings

International Timber is an approved Sikkens Coating specialist. For translucent finishes we apply one coat of Cetol® WP582 followed by two coats of Cetol® WF791 which results in an attractive satin finish. These coatings are applied in house by vacuum process. Once installed on site this will provide a fully sealed façade which gives excellent weather resistance.  Sikkens opaque finishes are available full factory finished with Sikkens WF360 to achieve the highest standard of finish which are ideal for both new build and refurbishment situations.

Timber Cladding protection with Teknos

Together with Teknos we offer traditional translucent systems in a wide range of shades. Typical coatings use Aqua Primer base stain to fill and penetrate the timber, which is over coated with Aqua Filler 5000 as a protective layer. A second coat of Aqua Filler 5000 can be machine applied in the factory to provide a fully finished board or alternatively, after installation, a site applied coat of Aqua Filler 5000 may be specified to seal the clad façade and complete the protective system.