Dura Deck

Dura Deck is produced from Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) which is manufactured from a combination of recycled plastics and hardwood waste. It is an immensely versatile material which combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability of an engineered composite. It's also the first product of its kind to be 100% FSC Certified. Dura Deck will not split, splinter or rot and is extremely dimensionally stable. It requires little or no maintenance and has a high resistance against environmental impacts such as fungal or mould attack. It's innovative subsurface fixing systems means no nails or screws need to go through the deck itself, creating a smart, uniform and barefoot friendly deck.

  • Dura Deck is made from upto 87% recycled materials and is 100% FSC Certified
  • Requires no staining or painting
  • Low Maintenance - Needs only basic cleaning to maintain
  • Dimensionally stable - Dura Deck will not warp or rot
  • UV Certified to ISO 4892-2 so will survive the harshest of climates
  • Barefoot Friendly - Sub Surface easy fixing
A full range of co-ordinating fixings and accessories are also available to complement your Dura Deck. Colours shown are representative only, actual colours may vary slightly. Please note that although Dura Deck is relatively colour stable, there will be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers which typically occurs in the first 3 months. You can use the Dura Deck visualiser by clicking here, to see what board is best for you. Or, click here to get a quote using the Dura Decking calculator. Please see below for links to Dura Deck Videos: Dura Sales Video Install Video To download the Dura Brochure and Technical Manual, click on the Download tab.


TENSILE STRENGTH Unit - 15mpa / Test Reference - BS6399
IMPACT STRENGTHS Unit - 8Kj / Test Reference - ASTM D1037 - 93
FLEXURAL STRENGTH Unit - 3.15 Gpa / Test Reference - ASTM D1037 - 93
FLEXURAL STRENGTH AFTER UK AGEING (1000 HRS & RAIN) Unit - 3.13 Gpa / Test Reference - ASTM D1037 - 93
UV AGEING TEST Unit - Pass / Test Reference - ISO 4892-2
DENSITY Unit - 1.4g/cm3 / Test Reference - ISO 9001
24 HOUR WATER ABSORPTION Unit - 1.07% / Test Reference - ASTM D684
FLAMMABILITY RESISTANCE (STANDARD PRODUCT) Unit - Euro Class Dfl-S1 - Test Reference - BS13501-1
FLAMMABILITY RESISTANCE (FIRE RESISTANT PRODUCT) Unit - Euro Class Bfl-S1 - Test Reference - BS13501-1
THERMAL EXPANSION Unit - 3.882 E-05(K-1) - Test Reference - ISO 9001
WEATHER ABILITY Unit - No damage at 100 cycles / Test Reference - MOAT 22
FROST RESISTANCE Unit - No Damage / Test Reference - DD CEN/TS 772-22:2006
ENVIRONMENTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT Unit - 0.788KgC02/Kg (Dura Deck Type 295) / Test Reference - CERAM, Carbon Footprint Report
COLOUR STABILITY Unit - ± 1.8 in L*a*b* / Test Reference - NPL Traceable 2006 Scale