Siberian Larch

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Available Grades:-

Grade Overview - A/B Grade
Grade Character - Tight intergrown knots up to 40mm diameter are admissible. Sound spike knots no longer than half the width of the board are also acceptable. Resin and bark pockets are allowed up to 2cm2 surface area and 2 pieces per board. No insect attack is permissible, although 2 shakes in a width of 1mm in a length of 10% of the board.

BOTANICAL NAMELarix siberica
PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES Hard, dense timber, colour of heartwood can change from yellowish - brown to pink – brown
MOISTURE CONTENT Kiln Dried 18 - 20%, green 30% +
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Cladding, decking, flooring, window and door frames
WASTAGE ALLOWANCE 10 - 15% length waste
DURABILITY Moderately durable
STORAGE ADVICE Kiln dried material to be kept under cover, green can be kept outside
WORKING QUALITIES Despite its density and hardness it machines well and takes fixings
STABILITY Minimal movement with boards containing heartwood only
Siberian Larch
IT1 - Shiplap Patt 191
IT2 - PTGV Patt IT-19-M2
Siberian Larch
ProductCodeStockedEnvironmental Credentials
Siberian Larch Cladding
25 x 150mm IT1 - Shiplap Patt 191S0003738YFSC
25 x 150mm IT2 - PTGV Patt IT - 19-M2S0003074YFSC